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What is an OUI?
Being charged with an OUI is a charge for operating under the influence. It is the technical term for a drunk driving charge. OUI is commonly interchanged with DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated).
There are two main ways that the Commonwealth can pursue charges against you:
- Per se (meaning 'in itself') OUI: if your blood alcohol level is over a .08; or
- If your behavior and mannerisms show that you are intoxicated
What kind of evidence can be used against you?

- Field sobriety test results
- Breathalyzer results
- Your performance of certain tasks (getting your license out of your wallet, getting out of your car, filling out a form in the police station, your unruly behavior during the entire process, etc.)
- Your statements (indicating how much you had to drink, where you were coming from, where you were going, etc.)
Options you have:

- Clerk's hearing (rare)
- Fighting the charge (trial)
- Plea deal
We offer free consultations to anyone facing an OUI charge. During the consultation, we can discuss with you the strengths or weaknesses of the Commonwealth's case, and what we can do for you moving forward. Depending on your situation and your record, you may prefer to work out a deal and apply for a hardship license that can get you back on the road (to your job), at times, within a week. Depending on the case and your situation, you may want to go forward to trial. OUI trials often result in a not guilty verdict, as such, in many situations it is highly advisable that you allow us to bring the case to trial.

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