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At the Callahan Law Group, LLC, we understand that having to consider filing for bankruptcy is a very difficult decision. It is often one of the most challenging points in a person's life, but it is a valuable legal tool that can change an individual or family's future for the better. The Callahan Law Group, LLC ensures that the choice to file, what chapter to file, and actions post-filing are strategically planned to ensure the rebuilding of credit as soon as possible. We want to make the entire process - from pre-bankruptcy planning, to filing, to discharge - as smooth as possible.
Most people who consider bankruptcy are embarrassed, ashamed, and confused. Taking the step to consult with the Callahan Law Group, LLC is the best way to move forward through this process. Our firm is committed to discretely, confidently, and efficiently assisting people considering bankruptcy through the bankruptcy procedure. Our experience and expertise makes the progression of the case as worry-free as possible for our clients. Most importantly, we take the time to ensure that the particulars of your situation are attended to and analyzed properly to avoid any issues in your case.
The Callahan Law Group, LLC's bankruptcy practice consists of advising individuals and companies in their preparation for Bankruptcy filing through asset protection, document review, and Bankruptcy Petition and Plan preparation. The Callahan Law Group, LLC represents Debtors in 341 Meetings of Creditors, depositions, and adversary proceedings relating to fraud, embezzlement, and breach of fiduciary duties. Through analyzing complex corporate documents involving contract disputes and other issues, the firm reconciles the bankruptcy issues involved, whether the debtor has filed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case.

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